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What would power tower and telecommunication Tower look like together?

2019-01-19 16:02:27

         What would power tower and telecommunication Tower look like together? On 24th and 25th, state grid and China southern power grid respectively signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Tower company, opening a new cooperation mode of "sharing Tower", which marks a breakthrough in resource sharing between power and communication industries.

         China Tower, chairman of the company, said tong jilu, power Tower, Telecommunication Tower, open sharing, for the upcoming 5 g network deployment, a huge advantage, can be said to be serve several: one is to use the gathering along the railway and highway between urban and rural areas of the country's power Tower used in the communication construction, can promote telecommunications network wide coverage, fast covered, greatly shorten the construction cycle, improve the efficiency of communication base station construction, reduce the communication base station construction cost, strong support 4 g network depth of coverage and 5 g network rapid deployment;Second, it can promote the power grid enterprises to activate resources and improve efficiency, which is conducive to the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets and amplification function.Third, effectively reduce the new communication tower base station occupied land resources and its impact on the environment.

          Previously, the three central enterprises have built 49 hongji stations and 356 small and micro stations in fujian, yunnan, hainan and hubei by using power grid companies' 110kv, 220kv and 380kv high voltage power towers, according to the statement.Since the pilot base station was put into operation, both the power tower and the communication base station have been running well, the sharing technology is feasible, the security is guaranteed, the electromagnetic field of the power line will not affect the communication equipment, and the communication equipment on the tower has no hidden danger to the power tower.

          According to the statistics of China Tower company, the average cost of a new ground Telecommunication Tower and its foundation is 142,000 yuan, covering an area of 30 square meters.Base station construction is carried out by using the existing power grid tower rod body, and the construction cycle of each station can be shortened by about 60 days on average.According to the preliminary estimation of China southern power grid corporation, yunnan power grid corporation can share 5,308 towers and towers resources for the construction of additional communication base stations from 2018 to 2020, saving nearly 55,700 square meters of land resources in total and reducing the cost of repeated construction by 319 million yuan, which has high economic and social benefits.