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What kind of paint is used for communication tower anti corrosion? How to match?

2019-07-20 10:48:59

What kind of paint is used for communication tower anti-corrosion? How to match?Let's take a look at it.

1. Communication tower coating anti-corrosion; iron tower anti-rust paint; phosphating primer, instead of phosphating treatment, strengthen the anti-corrosion effect of the coating. However, it cannot be used as a general primer. After applying the primer, apply another anti-rust paint within 24 hours. Red Dan anti-rust paint, good rust resistance, slow drying. The paintability, leveling property and permeability are good, and the coating film is relatively soft. The tower is painted and rust-proof. Red phenolic phenol anti-rust paint, red dantan acid anti-rust paint, good rust resistance, drying faster than red dan oil anti-rust paint, can be sprayed or brushed, used for tower coating, anti-rust.
2. Iron red alkyd (epoxy) with rust primer, good rust resistance, and has the function of stable rust and rust. It has good anti-rust effect on the surface of steel with slight rust. It can be sprayed or brushed, used for tower coating and rust prevention.



First, the primer: If the use of _ya, Sheng epoxy zinc-rich primer directly applied to the surface of the oil removal and derusting steel, has excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for spraying, high surface treatment requirements, iron tower coating, Anti-rust and rust-proof coating of the tower close to the ground and below the ground. Inorganic zinc-rich primer, the surface treatment requirements are very high, the other is the same as the epoxy zinc-rich primer, used for tower coating and rust prevention.
Second, the intermediate paint: epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint, has a good anti-corrosion ability, adhesion, can improve the coating effect of the top coat and the overall corrosion resistance and service life of the coating film, coated with zinc-rich primer Above.
Third, the topcoat: various colors of alkyd enamel, can be sprayed and sprayed, dry at room temperature. The film is tough, has good gloss, has good weather resistance, but has poor water resistance. It is applied on anti-rust paint or intermediate paint for surface decoration and weather protection.

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