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The basic maintenance of the communication tower is very important.

2019-03-01 15:31:32

The basic maintenance of the communication tower is very important.

When the communication tower foundation is back to earth, do not backfill the grounding angle steel, but use soft soil backfill to ensure good grounding resistance and compaction. Generally, it is advisable to return to the soil after the end of the curing period. In the construction supervision of the communication tower foundation, each process must be carried out next to the station, and equipped with a camera to carry out the necessary photographing or video recording. After the completion of the basic work of the communication tower, the construction unit and the supervision unit shall jointly carry out the joint acceptance of the communication tower foundation with the design unit, the civil construction unit and the iron tower construction unit.

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   (1) The foundation pile of the communication tower shall be covered with straw mat or plastic film within 12 hours after watering and moisturized and maintained. The covering shall be tight and keep the condensed water in the plastic film. It is generally cured for about 28 days (by weather and temperature). Decide).
   (2) The basic maintenance period of the communication tower can be counted according to the period corresponding to the average daily temperature reaching 6000 C〃d. The period of 00 C and below is not included. The curing period should be at least 14d, but should not be greater than 60d. .
   (3) The communication tower foundation should adopt appropriate insulation measures when the temperature is low.
   (4) Before the foundation concrete strength of the communication tower reaches 1.2N/mm2, the template and bracket shall not be stepped on or installed on the basis of the communication tower.
   (5) When the average daily temperature is less than 50 C, the communication tower foundation shall not be watered.
   (6) According to the national standard GBJ107 "Concrete strength inspection and evaluation standards" sampling and inspection. The communication tower can be installed after the standard is reached.

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