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A tower resembling the botanical shape of a traditional iron tower, a bionic tree tower

2019-07-24 13:56:37

A tower resembling the botanical shape of a traditional iron tower, a bionic tree tower.

Bionic tree tower, exquisite and realistic structure, beautiful and elegant appearance. Because the bionic tower is modeled on actual plants, the shape resembles a real imitation, because it is finely crafted and installed in landscapes, parks, plazas and trees similar to its tree species, so that the tower is integrated into the surrounding environment, in order to be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Coordinated and built.


  The traditional iron tower adaptation scene is the suburban factories, development zones, townships, rural areas, highways, large factories and mines, etc. as the key coverage targets for site selection and construction. Try to choose a location that is easy to conduct electricity (high-voltage power lines in the vicinity, or transformers, or villages nearby), near transmission distance, convenient transportation, easy installation and maintenance, and low maintenance costs.
  The bionic tree and the landscaping antenna maintain all the advantages of the original ordinary iron tower, and make a major breakthrough and improvement in its shape. It is to coordinate the communication tower with the surrounding natural environment and effectively solve the construction of scenic spots, urban areas and other places. Difficult, the problem of site selection is difficult. With the popularization of communication knowledge and the development of the tower company, beautification towers, bionic trees and beautifying antennas will gradually improve their applications.

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