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3 legged angular tower plate with smaller pressure drop and larger gas flow flux

2019-10-19 16:49:05

3 legged angular tower plate with smaller pressure drop and larger gas flow flux,better tray efficiency, simple structure, convenient processing and manufacturing, and better rigidity. Although the footprint is larger than that of a single-tube tower, its stiffness is slightly stronger than that of a single-tube tower. The single-tube tower includes a working platform in which the tower body and the upper part of the tower body are connected. The antenna bracket is fixed on the fence of the working platform, and is characterized in that the tower body is connected with a ladder formed by a crossbar of the main ladder of the ladder and the main pole of the ladder, and the main pole of the ladder is fixedly connected with the support frame, and the support frame is arranged on the tower. The connecting bracket of the inner wall is screwed. The advantages of the single tube tower are: the structure is simple and reasonable; the appearance is beautiful; the installation and use are convenient. And compared to the angle steel tower, the footprint is smaller. In terms of security. Angle towers are taller than single-tube towers, although today's single-tube towers are the protagonists. However, if the single-tube tower is to achieve higher safety, only the rod diameter should be increased, the pipe wall should be thickened, and the material should be made of high-strength steel. There is also a high cost.



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