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Is there any radiation in communication tower?

2019-01-31 16:01:59

         Is there any radiation in communication tower?A lot of rumors say that communication tower is radioactive, which has an impact on human health. So what is the truth?

         In fact, electromagnetic radiation can be seen in mobile communication tower, high-voltage lines, substations, etc., as well as in computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, electromagnetic ovens and even the subway trains we take.These electromagnetic radiation is lower than the national standard, however, does not have much bad influence to human body, the communication tower emission of electromagnetic energy is primarily to spread around, station emits electromagnetic wave with the distance decay quickly, this city all communication base station can be put into use after environmental testing qualified, impact on the surrounding residents of electromagnetic radiation is controllable.So don't worry about it at all.

         First of all, radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation, such as atomic bombs, nuclear leakage radiation is ionizing radiation, and base station radiation is a non-ionizing radiation, will not damage the molecular structure, much safer.

        Second, you are not even afraid of the sun, why should be afraid of base station radiation?Solar radiation is much greater than base station radiation.

        Take the mobile phone we are most familiar with in daily life as an example. The mobile phone is more powerful when it is connected to the voice.In order to ensure the quality of calls, current mobile phones are generally equipped with automatic power regulation function, in the place of better signal quality, mobile phone transmission power is smaller, radiation is lower.Conversely, when the signal is sometimes no or poor quality of the place, mobile phone transmission power is larger, higher radiation.

        The electromagnetic radiation value of a communication base station is not much higher than that of a mobile phone!Therefore, it is recommended that when making and receiving calls on mobile phones, people should not be too eager to hold their mobile phones to their ears and talk again after the screen shows that they have been successfully connected. People should try to avoid using mobile phones for a long time in places with poor signals.