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How to maintain inspection of angle steel transmission tower

2019-02-22 16:25:02

The value of the angle steel transmission tower is enormous. If the angle steel tower is to play a better role, not only must the tower work be done well, but the maintenance and inspection work in the later period is also indispensable. The post-maintenance of a professional angle steel transmission tower mainly includes basic inspection, verticality detection and component inspection. It should be tested by professional technical means according to relevant standards. If problems are found during the inspection, they should be reported in time and corresponding measures should be found. Solve problems in a timely manner. Then how to maintain the inspection of the angle steel transmission tower?



How to maintain inspection of angle steel transmission tower

First, basic testing

Generally, the detection of diagonal steel transmission tower angle, ground bolts, nuts, etc. is called basic inspection. The basic inspection mainly checks the basic data of angle steel towers, such as the evaluation of the use of diagonal steel towers, to see the goodness of the basic grounding, and to see the ground. Whether the anti-theft measures of the foot bolts are in place, the basic inspection data should be recorded in time, and compared with the historical data, the overall performance is analyzed, the problems are corrected in time, and the defective parts are replaced in time.

Second, verticality detection

In addition to the basic inspection, the verticality of the angle steel transmission tower is also an important indicator for detection. After the inspection, the data should be recorded in time, and the historical data should be compared. The verticality of the angle tower should meet the standard. If it does not match the relevant requirements, the cause of the deviation should be found. Propose effective rectification measures for the reasons and complete the rectification work within the specified time.



Third, component inspection

The angle steel transmission tower is composed of various components. It is also necessary to test the components regularly. It is necessary to check whether the angle steel tower components are qualified, and the obvious deformation, damage, rust and unqualified parts should be replaced in time, and the components and There is no cracking at the connection of the tower section. In particular, it is necessary to focus on detecting key parts such as lightning rods and masts. If there are problems, it should be maintained in time to ensure the quality of the angle steel tower and avoid various safety hazards caused by component problems.

Just as the car needs to be maintained, the angle steel transmission tower must also be regularly maintained and tested. Basic inspection, verticality inspection and component inspection are the tasks that must be carried out for the daily maintenance of the angle steel tower. The construction of angle steel towers is a big project, and the construction cost is naturally high. If it is necessary to build a cost-effective angle steel transmission tower, in addition to the quality of the angle-controlled steel transmission tower, regular maintenance work is also necessary, which can also be To extend the life of the angle tower.

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