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How much do you know about Substation Structure?

2019-02-14 13:11:36

          How much do you know about Substation Structure?Substations are places where the voltage changes.It is the place where the voltage and current of electric energy are transformed, concentrated and distributed in the power system.In order to ensure the quality of electric energy and the safety of equipment, voltage adjustment, voltage, current and power flow and distribution control of each node and branch in the power flow system, as well as the protection of transmission and distribution lines and main electrical equipment are also required in the substation.

         The integrated automation of the Substation Structure is to integrate the functions of the secondary equipment of the Substation, including measuring instruments, protection devices, signal systems, automatic devices and far east devices, etc., to realize the automatic functions of monitoring, measurement, control, protection and dispatching communication of the main equipment of the Substation.

         The integrated automatic system includes microcomputer monitoring, microcomputer protection, microcomputer automatic device, microcomputer five prevention and other subsystems.It collects all kinds of substation information such as bus voltage, line current, position of circuit breaker and various remote signals through microcomputer protection and measurement and control unit.The collected information is analyzed and processed, and relevant information is exchanged and uploaded by means of communication.

         The overall layout of the Substation Structure should be properly designed according to local conditions.The final determination of the layout scheme should be through the technical and economic comparison of several schemes.

Our product description
Our product description

         When the switch cabinet in the power room is arranged in double columns, the passageway shall not be less than 2m according to the regulations. Here, it shall be 2.5m according to the general design unit, which is more safe and convenient for operation and maintenance.Here the size of the transformer room, according to the installed transformer capacity to increase one level to consider.In order to adapt to the substation in the growth of load when changing large capacity transformer requirements.

         High and low voltage switchgear rooms are also reserved for the future use of high and low voltage switchgear.