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Angle steel communication tower, angle steel tower, angle steel microwave tower production process and introduction

2019-07-09 16:00:21

Angle steel communication tower, angle steel tower, angle steel microwave tower, power tower, communication tower, lightning protection tower, training tower, stainless steel craft tower professional manufacturer, the company has structural design stakeout personnel, has formed a design, production, installation, complete set of management specifications And process, and long-term technical support from industry experts.

Angle steel tower
First, the corner steel tower material requirements

1. The materials used in the tower follow the design requirements, and all steels are hot-dip galvanized.

2. All steel products are qualified products of the national large-scale steel mills. The selected steel materials are accompanied by the original certificate such as the quality certificate, the steel factory inspection certificate, and meet the requirements of the design documents.

3. The anchor screws are connected by anti-theft nuts, and the other is connected with 4.8 grade ordinary bolts. The quality standards of bolts and nuts shall conform to GB5780-86 and GB41-86 respectively.

4. When the welding structure is made of Q235 steel, the welding rod is E43. When the material is Q235 steel, the welding rod is E43 type. When steels of different strengths are joined, welding materials compatible with low-strength steels can be used.



Moving angle steel tower
Second, the angle steel communication tower process requirements

1. The manufacture of mobile communication towers, in addition to strictly complying with the technical requirements of the design drawings, also complies with the relevant provisions of the "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering" GB50205-95 and "Technical Conditions for Microwave Towers" YD/T757-95.

2. The components are staked out before manufacture, checked and the dimensions in the drawings are determined, and the quality inspection is strictly performed after manufacture.

3. Components are not allowed to be spliced.

4, component tolerance:

When the length L ≤ 5 m of the member, the length deviation is not more than ± 2 mm; when the length L of the member is > 5 m, the length deviation is not more than ± 3 mm.

The overall bending of the member is not more than 1/1000 of the length; the local bending is not more than 1/750 of the measured length.

The tangent of the flange plane from the design plane is no more than 1/1000.

5. In addition to the basic skeleton and the components buried in the concrete, the components are treated with heat zinc anti-corrosion treatment. The thickness of the zinc layer: when the thickness of the plated part is less than 5 mm, the thickness of the galvanized layer is not less than 65 μm, and the thickness of the plated part is greater than At 5 mm, the galvanized layer has a thickness of not less than 86 μm. Galvanizing is required for connecting bolts, nuts and washers.

6. After galvanizing, the local deformation of the component is corrected, and the component is tested before leaving the factory, and the factory can be shipped without any error.

7. Variants and earthquake resistance:

When the tower is earthquake-resistant to an earthquake of 8 degrees, the tower does not have a permanent variant that affects communication when an earthquake with an intensity of 8 degrees occurs locally.



8. Safety and preventive measures for angle steel microwave tower:

(1) The tower body should consider lightning protection measures, including microwave antennas and communication equipment rooms. A lightning rod is placed at the top of the tower.

(2) A grounding system is used in conjunction with the equipment room and the tower. At the top of the tower and the base station antenna installation, there should be a construction and maintenance personnel operating platform. The height of the platform railing is 0.8 meters.

11. At the maximum wind speed, the overall axis deviation of the tower body is less than one thousandth.

12. The wind resistance of the tower is the maximum wind speed of 28 m / s.

13. The temperature range is -40 ° C - 60 ° C.

Angle steel communication tower
Third, the construction requirements of the tower

1. The installation of the tower structure complies with the provisions of “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering” GB50205-95.

2. It is not allowed to use gas cutting or electric welding to ream, increase the hole or oxygen flame to correct the deformation of the component during installation.

3. The verticality of the tower shall be corrected at any time during the installation process. After the erection is completed, the deviation between the actual axis and the design axis of the tower shall not exceed 1/1000 of the measured height, and the local bending shall not exceed 1/750 of the measured length.

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