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 3 legs tube self supporting steel hot dip galvanized telecommunication cell wifi tower feature

2018-12-19 14:12:27

The communication tower is a high-rise structure with a communication antenna, which is characterized by a high structure, a relatively small cross section, and a lateral load which plays a major role and is an elongated structure. Communication antennas on communication towers generally include mobile phone antennas, pager antennas, and communication antennas of various industries. In recent years, with the increasing maturity of social information, various new communication technologies have emerged, especially for cellular mobile communication technologies. Development has caused a boom in the construction of communication towers in China.

 3 legs tube self supporting steel hot dip galvanized telecom telecommunication communication cell wifi tower


The most used cellular mobile phone base station communication tower, due to the requirements of the layout and coverage, usually builds a space at a certain interval. It is about 30-60m, and there are 2-3 layers on the tower, and the circular working platform is 5-6m apart. The outer edge of the platform is evenly distributed with 6-12 communication antennas. This communication tower is spread over urban and rural areas, and the number is amazing.

The communication tower of the mobile antenna does not require high structural displacement, and only needs to meet the horizontal displacement limit of the high-rise structure specified in the specification. If a microwave antenna is installed on the communication tower and doubles as a microwave tower, the structural displacement requirements are much higher, and the directional strong process requirements must also be met.


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